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VanElse has become a member of Atelier Néerlandais in Paris

VanElse is the fashion brand of Suriname-born, with Indonesian roots, Dutch designer Else Hardjopawiro (1959) from Rotterdam. Else, former director of spatial planning, changed course in 2011 and resigned to start her fashion brand VanElse, without a fashion education. In a personally turbulent period of her life, she succeeded in developing her brand and putting VanElse on the (international) map.

The signature of Else’s designs is daring, stylish, powerful, but above all super feminine. The slogan for the VanElse brand is; “Bringing out the Beauty in You.”

The designs are produced in minimal editions in the Netherlands by local tailors; from exclusively tailor-made clothing, to a limited edition of a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 15 pieces.

Her clientele mainly consists of successful business women (including ambassadors’ wives, governor’s wives, doctors, lawyers, judges, women on the boards of large international organizations, etc.) in the Netherlands but also abroad, TV personalities and actresses. Vanelse’s big breakthrough took place in London, when the first official collection was presented at Africa Fashionweek London in 2015. Vanelse was seen by Vogue and ELLE UK as one of the new and upcoming designers in 2016. In addition, one of her designs was worn on the premiered “Abolutely Fabulous The Movie” in 2016. Since then, the Vanelse brand has won over influential businesswomen around the world, testifying to its global success and appreciation for its unique aesthetic.

Dutch: Vanelse – Atelier Néerlandais (atelierneerlandais.com)

French: Vanelse – Atelier Néerlandais (atelierneerlandais.com)